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Burn Baby Burn by Donttellme

First I just have to say that this out of all the images of yours I looked at today struck me the most. The expression, the makeup, the clothing all does this image very, very well. However if I must make one criticism it would be that you didn't really make me feel like this person, this character in this image is a villain. This very much came across to me as a fantasy character (mostly because of the golden make up under the right eye). A character that was maybe the hero of what ever story she's in, a princess forced into hiding, covering her face with the hood. I think both the make up and the lighting missed the mark on the villain look. The highlights on the cheek there are a bit too strong, and the shadows over the left side of the face aren't strong enough. As they say, diffuse light your friends, hatchet light your enemies. I would have done it so the far side of her face was completely dark and on the light side we could see just the slightest smirk. Now that would have looked evil... But context aside, I still think it's a very well done image. Beautiful model, beautiful makeup... just if you hadn't have told me you were going for evil I would have 100% loved it... but when I read you wanted the evil look I just had to go "huh.... well...."
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